We start with your ambitions.
At Washington Financial, our only standard procedure is to base everything we do upon your needs and aspirations.  We start by thoroughly getting to know you.  This helps us honor your priorities, while giving you a fresh perspective as to where you stand, and where you'd like to arrive.

We draw on the full spectrum.
As an independent brokerage, we offer you strategies drawn from more than 50 highly-rated insurance companies. We continually research sophisticated, new insurance strategies and products as they emerge. This lets us build a plan around your needs, rather than the agenda of a particular insurer, and assures that you benefit from the most appropriate, comprehensive, and cost-effective coverage available today.

We save you precious time.
By thoroughly assessing your needs, comparison-shopping on your behalf, and presenting your options in crisp, clear summaries, Washington Financial saves you a great deal of time and effort. When our work presents decisions that may involve your other advisors—accountants and attorneys, for example—we act as your team coordinator to ensure that all communications are clear and all advisors smoothly work together to achieve your goals.  The net result?  The results you want, without the burdens you want to avoid.  We put the financial pieces of the puzzle together in a way that fits your needs.

We maximize your assets.
Whenever possible, we add value to our services by striving to add value to your net-worth.  We review your insurance policies to ensure they are positioned correctly to minimize estate tax consequences.  We bring you the best insurance products available and, given our knowledge and sophistication of the marketplace, we will present these products to you before most insurance agents are even aware they exist.  Our products may offer you benefits you never knew were available.  For instance:

  • We will explore strategies that help to minimize estate tax consequences and utilize potential tax-free income periods.
  • We'll help show you how to save money utilizing tax-deductible strategies outside of traditional retirement plans.
  • We can individually design a way to generate additional retirement income for highly-compensated individuals.
  • We'll show you how you can use life insurance to close the gap between your active and retirement incomes.
  • We can put life insurance into an irrevocable trust that allows your spouse to take income from the trust should the need arise.
  • We develop customized employee benefit and long-term disability plans that meet your specific business needs.
  • We can show you special needs policies designed to provide for a disabled person or family member.

Helping businesses thrive and helping high net-worth individuals become even more so are our specialties. 

Our offered services include:

  • Insurance—individual: life, disability, long term care
  • Employee Benefits—group: life, health, disability, dental, and long term care
  • Estate Analysis and Planning—ILIT funding, wealth transfer planning, estate freezes, annuity maximization, long term care protection
  • Business Succession Planning—buy/sell funding, key person coverage, retained earning reduction, disability buy-outs
  • Executive Benefits—412(i) and other defined benefit plans, Section 79, deferred compensation, executive bonus, 401(k) Mirror, group term carve out, disability income planning, split dollar
  • Case Design—conceptualization, consultation, illustration
  • Economic Modeling—leveraged premium financing, generational wealth transfer, charitable tax planning, college planning
  • Charitable Planning—charitable remainder trusts, estate freezes, outright gifts
  • Retirement Planning—supplemental retirement plans, pension plan distributions

We make starting easy.
If you have ever told yourself that you would properly consider your insurance and estate planning...some day...that day is now here.  We will be pleased to meet with you at your convenience, without charge, pressure or obligation.  Discover how simple and rewarding it is to enhance and safeguard your future.  Call Mike Mullen at Washington Financial at 703.759.1993.